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    It is addressed to all colleagues interested in quality, honest, responsible and ethical journalism. In journalism that is looking for truth, justice, equality, and that in covering wars and conflicts is looking not for sensation, but for human destiny and possible ways of peace keeping and peace communication. Women reporters work a lot on this peace communication, in all countries of the globe. And we decided to start our discussion sharing reports and analyses of women journalists' experiences. And we hope that this experience of peace communication can help us to overcome hate speech which is so well spread in the media, and create a new language in the media that we need, a language of the future.

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Aidan White
Aidan White IFJ General Secretary
Women have greater visibility and voice than ever before, and they exercise influence in every sphere of public life. In every corner of the globe the issue of women’s rights is a central pillar of political, social and cultural life and a key to continued development.

Nevertheless, in many countries there is no denying the evidence of the huge gaps between constitutional and legal guarantees and the daily realities of women’s lives, particularly in media. Across the information and communications sector, at all levels, and within journalism more must be done to expand opportunities for women and to reduce inequalities. In particular,

  • Women journalists must be given the chance to speak for themselves and to be involved at all levels of decision-making;
  • Women leaders must be encouraged to recognise and advance the interests of women and men in creating a culture of equality within media;
  • Media must assume responsibility for the role they play in forming public opinion and ensure that portrayal of women reflects the values of gender equality and ensures space for consideration of issues that affect women in their daily lives;
  • The issue of gender equality must move from being an exclusive concern of women to being an issue for all. Women and men must join hands to confront social barriers and to ensure justice and equality.

To achieve these objectives, both media companies and unions representing the workforce, must change the ways in which they often think and behave to confront inequality and exploitation in favour of equality and mutual respect.

Managements need to adopt equal opportunity policies and must eliminate obstacles to women employees in reaching leadership positions while providing facilities for women and men journalists to reconcile work and family life.

Journalists’ unions need to adopt and develop equal opportunity policies and actions to promote and encourage the participation of women at all levels in their union and ensure that participation by union members at any of their meetings, seminars and delegations are gender-balanced.

This publication provides the proposals, ideas and policies that will bring us closer to achieving these objectives which are at the heart of IFJ gender policy.

It is proof positive that the cause of social justice and rights at work depends on creating equality for all — men and women working, organising and taking positive action together, particularly through strong trade union organisation in the workplace.

Only then will we be able to achieve the genuine equality in terms of professional status and working conditions that is currently denied to so many of the world’s women journalists.

Aidan White
IFJ General Secretary

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