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    It is addressed to all colleagues interested in quality, honest, responsible and ethical journalism. In journalism that is looking for truth, justice, equality, and that in covering wars and conflicts is looking not for sensation, but for human destiny and possible ways of peace keeping and peace communication. Women reporters work a lot on this peace communication, in all countries of the globe. And we decided to start our discussion sharing reports and analyses of women journalists' experiences. And we hope that this experience of peace communication can help us to overcome hate speech which is so well spread in the media, and create a new language in the media that we need, a language of the future.

Digest "Gender and Media" from 22nd to 30th June 2015 PDF Print

The Russian Cabinet Ministry is preparing to raise the retirement age for women by 8 years

the retirement age to 63 Russian authorities have confirmed their intention to raise the retirement age to 63 for both women and men (At present they are different: 55 for women and 60 for men) reports news website mail.ru referring to RBC. [1]

The reason given for these changes is the demographic crisis and a decrease in the numbers of qualified workers. Because of this the government intends to extend the active work age of the previous generation.

There has been no final decision, said a representative of the Deputy Prime Minister for Social Development. Meanwhile the Ministry of Finance refuses to comment on this information.


Member of St.Petersburg Duma Vitaly Milonov demands that Facebook is blocked in Russia for supporting LGBT

 . :   /  Member of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Vitaly Milonov has demanded that the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media issue a ban on Facebook in Russia because of new icons coloured like the LGBT flag. He made this statement on the 27th June to the Russian News Service reports the website Lenta.ru[2].

These icons according to Milonov break the law (the so-called “gay propaganda” law) and Facebook does not have age dependent access, meaning it would be impossible to control if children can see these LGBT colored icons.


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