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    It is addressed to all colleagues interested in quality, honest, responsible and ethical journalism. In journalism that is looking for truth, justice, equality, and that in covering wars and conflicts is looking not for sensation, but for human destiny and possible ways of peace keeping and peace communication. Women reporters work a lot on this peace communication, in all countries of the globe. And we decided to start our discussion sharing reports and analyses of women journalists' experiences. And we hope that this experience of peace communication can help us to overcome hate speech which is so well spread in the media, and create a new language in the media that we need, a language of the future.

Women’s Media Foundation PDF Print

The International Women’s Media Foundation is now accepting applications for its 2008-09 Elizabeth Neuffer Fellowship. The award is named for the 1998 Courage in Journalism Award winner and Boston Globe correspondent who was killed in Iraq in May 2003.

One woman journalist will be selected for the fellowship, which will provide her with opportunities to pursue academic research and hone her reporting skills covering topics related to human rights.

Application deadline is April 1.

Click here for details and to access the application.

Read the press release.

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