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    It is addressed to all colleagues interested in quality, honest, responsible and ethical journalism. In journalism that is looking for truth, justice, equality, and that in covering wars and conflicts is looking not for sensation, but for human destiny and possible ways of peace keeping and peace communication. Women reporters work a lot on this peace communication, in all countries of the globe. And we decided to start our discussion sharing reports and analyses of women journalists' experiences. And we hope that this experience of peace communication can help us to overcome hate speech which is so well spread in the media, and create a new language in the media that we need, a language of the future.

Digest Gender and Media from 15th to 21st June 2015

Three percent of Russian men aged 30 to 35 years old are officially registered with HIV, reports “Russian News Service”[1] according to the Director of the Federal AIDS Centre, the academic Vadim Pokrovsky. This, according to him, is a major risk factor for many women. Pokrovsky said that among people who are infected with HIV in Russia 52-55% are drug users, 40-42% are heterosexuals who don’t use drugs, and only 1-2% of them are homosexuals.


Father’s Day in the Russian FederationThe Foundation for Public Opinion unveiled the results of a study concerning . According to the study more than 50 percent of Russian regions support an initiative to celebrate Father's Day, reported RIA News[2].

Most voters agree with celebrating the holiday on the third Sunday of June, as in many other countries, or alternatively any other summer day, according to Research Director of the Foundation for Public Opinion Elena Petrenko.


 "The law could be amended to include a new article on Sexual harassment", writes the newspaper “Izvestia”[3] The Association of Russian Human Rights Lawyers sent a proposal to the State Duma and to the Federation Council. According to this proposal a new article in the Penal Code will provide penalties for sexual harassment.

According to lawyer Mary Bast it is not difficult to create this supplement to the criminal code because the question of how to define harassment has already been ratified by the Russian Federation according to International conventions. Also there are numerous examples in the legislations of many European countries.

Photo for the Day: Liudmila Alekseeva protests outside the State Duma against the 'law of sadists'
Ludmila AlekseevaLiudmila Alekseeva, chair of the Moscow Helsinki Group, protests outside the State Duma on 29 May 2015 against the 'law of sadists' - a bill that would reduce restrictions on the use of force against prisoners.

Source: HRO.org

Photo: .

Original source: Facebook page of Kasparov.ru
"Sexist of the year" award

Politician Egor KholmogorovOpen Internet-voting

 By Natalia Bitten

Sexism is an ideological component of gender violence aimed at the social segregation of women. Sexism is a set of ideological convictions based on a belief in physical and psychological inequality between men and women and decisive impact of sex differences on history and culture. Sexist ideology comprises ideas of primordial differentiation of humanity into the male upper group and female lower group, with the former allegedly creating civilization and culture and predestined to rule over the latter. 

A new gender order and a new media in Russia

By Natalia Bitten Natalia Bitten

Over the past few years, a great deal has been written about the political problems in Russia. The European and US media have largely focused on stories about corruption, electoral fraud, the restriction of freedoms of speech, and protests in the streets of Moscow. Several stories have received huge amounts of attention in the mainstream press, such as the Pussy Riot trial and the discriminatory law against ‘gay propaganda’ and NGOs.

What remains invisible, however, is the level of misogynist hysteria that has been generated recently by social conservatives and religious bigots in the Russian Federation.

Famous photographer Umida Akhmedova threatened with imprisonment
Umida AkhmedovaThe Russian Union of Journalists and the international Zhurnalistika club are deeply concerned about the charges brought by the Uzbek Ministry of Internal Affairs against Umida Akhmedova. A famous journalist and photographer, Akhmedova is the first woman cameraman in Uzbekistan.

She graduated from GITIS (The State Institute of Theatrical Arts) in Moscow, won the 2006 Grand Prix of the Inter-press "Photo of Russia" competition, and is well known to the public through her exhibitions in Petersburg, Moscow and Copenhagen. Akhmedova’s documentaries have acquainted wide audiences with life in contemporary Uzbekistan, and with the country’s culture and customs. Her 2007 photo collection “Women and Men, From Dawn to Sunset” was highly praised by the critics. It is all the more surprising and disturbing, therefore, that this superb collection, which is permeated by sincere respect for ordinary men and women, should have prompted the Uzbek Agency for the Press and Information to approach the Ministry of Internal Affairs in mid-December and begin a criminal investigation of its author.

The claim is that the work insults national pride and constitutes defamation of the Uzbek nation. Such a charge could lead to imprisonment from between 6 months and 2 years. As the Ferghana.ru news agency reports, similar accusations have been levelled at other authors working within the framework of the gender programme of the Swiss Embassy in Uzbekistan.

Umida Akhmedova has long been a good friend of the Zhurnalistika club, and participated in international programmes organised by the RUJ and the International Federation of Journalists, among them the 27th IFJ congress in Moscow, and the “Women journalists in conflict zones as promoters of peace” conference which was jointly sponsored by Unesco and the IFJ.

We appeal to the gender council of the IFJ to support and defend Umida Akhmedova and her work from these unjust and fabricated accusations.
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